TPP 012: Douglas Smythe Has a Cutting Edge Online Business with Blades and Mustaches

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Spoiler Alert: This is a gender-sensitive selection. On the entrepreneurial aspect, whether you’re a man or a woman, you would be able to gather some insight on how to have a humble number of followers and eventually creating massive traffic.

Let’s talk about facial hair.

You’ve read that right – facial hair. One of the most fascinating discoveries found on the internet is the creation of a website dedicated for gentlemen around the globe that is dominantly gaining popularity and recognition. That website is now known as

Its architect, Douglas Smythe, has found it quite interesting to scour the internet and find that something has been left out and talked minimally about – gentlemen grooming. Aside from providing a great source for your everyday, every occasion moustach-ing and shaving needs, it also provides an in-depth resource on how to become a well-defined gentlemen and technically everything you need to know on how to act as one either in front of the ladies or other gentlemen.

So to make it easier for you, is mainly created for the men. If you’re a female, this website might not be of interest to you however, if you wanted to know how a simple idea has become an online follower magnet, you might want to stick around and learn from he who has achieved that goal.

About Douglas The Mustache Dude

In all honesty, how many websites are entirely dedicated for men? You don’t really see or surf through a lot of websites that mainly talks about gentlemanly stuff. It’s actually quite rare. Douglas has defined his website as an innovative and informative access point. To further elaborate, How to Grow a Moustache provides blogs about different tips, suggestions and opinions about grooming not only the mustache but also the beard.

On the other hand, you can’t expect that it would all be about facial hair because that would be monotonous and insane. Douglas also included instructions on travel and fashion. Bred by dedicated and passionate groups of writers, How to Grow a mustache is up-to-date and delivers information like a piece of cake.

What’s significantly unique about Douglas’ website is that it features more of the “ancient” or conventional ways of shaving with a touch of class and providence.

The Man behind the “Stache”

Grow as much facial hair as you want and then cut it and shape it the way you wanted based on what’s current and trendy. That is how Douglas Smythe perceived his website to exhibit. Describing himself as a soap maker, a podcast artist, a blogger, a wet shaver and a mustache enthusiast, Douglas Smythe also considered himself as a humble servant of those who believe in the power of establishing something and generating profit out of it.  

Growing that Mustache $$

So what inspired Douglas to build this domain? History. He loves all things that were manufactured and used in the not-so-old age. While he welcomes the presence of all things new, he still asserts himself among those who choose to prove to these technology-guided men that the usage of blades to clean those sides and shape that stache are still intact and the industry will grow more. Believe me, not everyone welcomes the idea of machines cleaning up that 5 o’clock shadow. It would still boil down to the idea that grooming should be something personal and not a hasty act.

Entrepreneurial Insights from the Bearded Gentleman

Technically, if you tend to describe and summarize the entire website and what it offers, you would say that it’s The Passive Podcasta “Man Blog”. Though Douglas hated that sort of adjective attached to the site, he stood still and focused on what his interests are like manly fashions, tutorials on grooming, travel and conventional wet shaving. From that, he was able to get his site recognized from other websites. His main goal? To spread the word of wet shaving to men of all generations. From that idealism, he made a fortune.

Douglas Smythe is now considered as one of the most successful shaving online entrepreneurs who built a domain not only for himself but for others as well. He is now one of the go to guys who you can trust to provide instructions on anything that relates to wet shaving.

Now, what are the things that you can learn from Mr. Mustache?

  1. When growing a mustache, you first have to allow it to grow and evolve. It may be itchy at the first few days or weeks or there may be discomfort but that’s the part of it. Eventually, you would get used to it and find that having it on your face is not bad at all. That goes the same with entrepreneurship. Upon building something, you must allow time to take its place. You have to allow it to grow and be recognized. Like growing a mustache, you have to be patient and constantly take care of what you’ve created.
  2. Decide what form of mustache you want. There are different kinds of mustache. When choosing a mustache, make sure that you’re comfortable with it and it looks good on you. On an entrepreneurial side, when choosing a business, make sure that, first, you are passionate about it and second, you know how to keep it going. Never choose a business that you have no interest with. One of the reasons why people tend to fail in their businesses is that they venture in something new.
  3. If you create a community, be part of it. Don’t just go on MIA once it has been established. You might be misunderstood for a non-existing entrepreneur who just built something for profit. Although money is a factor, you have to make your followers feel that you are there running your own industry.
  4. Don’t hesitate to introduce something new. People may be skeptical at first but as they see how helpful it would be for them in the long run.
  5. Advertise. If you really like your business to be well-known and to last longer in your chosen industry, you have to make a shout out on different popular websites, namely social websites like Facebook.

Thoughts on a “Stached” Interview

What made the interview enjoyable and fascinating is the thought that this simple guy has created something he’s obsessive about, believed in it and eventually engaged it into the savvy internet world. Not to mention that he delved into this website that is fueled by mere ad support. Through leveraging, Douglas was able to expand his business horizons and eventually made the site into something that is driven by shaving products that he, believe or not, personally designed and created.


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