TPP: 014 Learn How Peter Ajello Lost 200 Pounds & His Mind Over Body Experience With Oprah Winfrey

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Peter Ajello’s Story About How He  Lost 200 Pounds Without Surgery


peter agello diet

On my latest podcast I interviewed this gentleman, Peter Ajello. I have to say I was blown away with his story – a story of strength, persistence, determination, and sharing. It was a pleasure meeting him and having him on the show. I’m truly proud of what he’s done and continues to do for himself and for others. I wanted to share his story with you. It needs to be said.


So who is Peter Ajello?

Peter overcame life-threatening, morbid obesity and a near-death experience to lose 200 lbs. in 16 months! His story is uplifting and highlights a bittersweet mix of smiles and tears.

Peter lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Beaches and swim trunks aren’t the best things to show off an overweight body. Peter had been overweight all of his life. It didn’t help that his name was Ajello since that brought no end of teasing and torment from classmates and even friends. People called him a barrel of jello. Pete looks down as he talks about it even now.

The $17,000 Bet

He ultimately reached 445 pounds and wore a size 60 pants. He couldn’t get up off the couch or walk a block. He could barely get out of bed. His biggest exercise routine was to eat food faster. Then one day he got a wake up call when he suffered a minor stroke. His friends noticed a contortion in his face that scared them and him. In desperation for his life, Ajello’s friends decided to challenge him to lose weight by promising to give him $17,000 if he would lose 100 pounds in six months.

The time was right. He was motivated. He began a program of rigorous exercise and a healthy diet which included chocolate since it is known for suppressing appetite.

As the six month deadline approached his friends started getting worried that he would actually do this and they would have to pay up. They started sending him pizzas and junk food to get him to miss the target, but he was determined. At the end of six months, Peter had lost 157 pounds.

But he didn’t stop there. He continued to lose weight till he lost 200 pounds in just 16 months. His size 60 pants are now size 38. He carries his old pants around with him as a reminder of where he was and where he never wants to go again. He still has more weight loss to go, but he’s more determined than ever to overcome this last hurdle. His friends are interested in betting again – they are sure they’ll just have to pay up again.

With the end in sight, however, Peter doesn’t want to stop there. He remembers the best part of his story — the wonderful people he met along the way. He remembers how he was moved and encouraged by the flood of emails, tweets and support he received from well-wishers who were inspired by his story and sought his assistance to help them address their own weight-loss issues.

How Peter Helps Others

He has decided to dedicate his life to sharing his story and his diet strategies to encourage and help others who are struggling with life-threatening obesity and get them on the road to optimum health and wellness.

peter agelloHis book Mind Over Body started it all. In this book, Peter documents the whirlwind of life-altering events leading up to his morbid obesity and a diabetic stroke that left him fighting for his life. He also includes his secret to weight loss and the tips and tricks that helped him succeed in spite of obstacles and frustrations. The book is a mix of joy and frustration that make up the weight loss journey. But Peter is with you all the way to show not only the challenges but the victories as well as you seek to utilize your mind over your body and reach your goals.

The publication of Mind Over Body alerted the world to his success. His appearances on The Doctors, Dr. Oz, and the Today Show, along with NBC, Fox News, and global media outlets worldwide, spread the word even faster and sparked a flood of requests for the diet he created.

In response, he has authored another book that should be released soon, Pete’s Chocolate Diet book. The book comes with a sample of Pete’s Organic Weight-Loss Chocolates, to introduce you to them and see how they are used with his diet. This next book goes into greater detail about specifics of the diet in a way that’s easy to follow and do. In fact, Peter just learned that a study is being conducted to see if pills containing nutrients in dark chocolate can help prevent heart attack and stroke. If proven, this will be a big boost for everyone.

Finally, for those who find the process of achieving and maintaining your weight-loss goals to be difficult and frustrating, be assured that you’re not alone. In fact, nearly all dieters feel the same! For those who want an extra boost, Peter is offering personal coaching services where he can mentor you through your diet journey. Pete’s unique approach combines his personal experiences with all of the value-added guidance, recommendations and information he’s received from the docto55b9791f5c737cf901db52927f0db88drs, dieticians, nutritionists and personal trainers during his extraordinary journey. All coaching sessions are conducted personally by Pete via telephone.

Pete’s the real deal. He has an amazing story and a heart as big as the world. He is determined, yet humble. He is willing to step out and help and encourage others. He is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others by sharing his findings and experiences. I hope you too will get to meet him personally one day. My life won’t be the same after this interview, that’s for sure.

Find out more on his website: Peter Ajello

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Warning their is adult language in this video!


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  • Juan

    I have overweight problem, it hard to do diet. This articles maybe inspiring me to have weight loss again.. 🙂

    • I am glad that you enjoyed the show and appreciate your support! I wish you the best on your own personal journey and support your efforts fully. Thanks for commenting.

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